Saddle River Equestrian is proud to support therapeutic riding in our community, and we are happy to announce that we are now a member of STiRuPP (Supporters of Therapeutic Riding at Pony Power). STiRuPP is a consortium of local barns that have agreed to be ambassadors of and fundraisers for Pony Power Therapies. The intention of the partnership is threefold: to educate the community about therapeutic riding; to recruit volunteers to assist with sessions at Pony Power and; to help raise some critical funds for programming so that all who want to participate in Therapeutic Riding may. We believe this is a win/win for all involved: for Pony Power’s community of special needs riders, for our amazing equestrians at Saddle River Equestrian, and for the movement of improving lives through the amazing horse/human interaction. 

As some of you may know, Pony Power is a Mahwah nonprofit that gives special needs and at-risk children and adults a unique opportunity to ride, care for and interact with horses. They offer horseback riding lessons, as well as pony-assisted ground sessions for people of all ages. You can read more about them here: or you can watch a short video here: Additionally, they were featured on CBS Evening News.  Here’s that clip:

Because they are a nonprofit, Pony Power needs to raise funds to keep their programs running. One of their major fundraisers is their annual Horse Show & Family Fair, which is being held on Sunday, October 9, 2016.  It’s a family friendly event that includes demonstrations from some of their participants, face painting, kids’ activities, music, food, and some professional jousting entertainment.

Saddle River Equestrian is sponsoring this event as part of STiRRuP.  STiRRuP is the Title Sponsor for the event. This means the participating barns will raise $30,000. This is where we need your help! Saddle River Equestrian has a goal of raising $2,500. We have our own fundraising page: There’s a bit of friendly competition between the barns. It would be amazing if we could be the first barn to reach our goal! We need you to get the word out, and perhaps even donate yourself. Please share the link on Facebook, Twitter, email – anywhere!

Click here for more info about the show: