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Clockwise     "Jaeger"

Thoroughbred      Gelding     Gray

DOB:  6/3/05     USEF:  5350143

DOB:  5/1/2000     USEF:  5000763

DOB:  2001     USEF:  5392117

Darco Z     "Darco"

Belgian Warmblood (Zangershield)     Gelding     Dark Bay

DOB:  6/14/2002     USEF:  4622594

Compass Point     "Henry"

Hanoverian     Gelding     Dark Bay

DOB:  7/4/2001     USEF:  4899524

Valparaiso 5     "Val"

Holsteiner     Mare     Gray

Good News Ben     "Benji"

French Thoroughbred      Gelding     Dark Bay

DOB:  5/1/2002     USEF:  5244699

Clever as it Gets     "Clever"

Welsh     Gelding     Gray

Sales and Leasing

DOB:  1/1/2002     USEF:  4977689

Hope     "Hope"

Welsh/Thoroughbred Cross     Mare     Gray

Top Gun     "Maverick"

Welsh     Gelding     Black

DOB:  1/1/2009     USEF:  5415209

There are many good reasons to lease a horse. You may not be ready to purchase your own. You may want a high level competition horse to show for a period of time. You may not even know if you would like to own a horse yet.

Leasing allows you to fulfill all of the above. At Saddle River Equestrian, we have an amazing range of horses to lease. From the calm, reliable schoolmaster to an upper level hunter or jumper, we will help find a suitable lease prospect for you.

Pricing and packages are determined on the individual rider and lease horse.